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We will open the door to the future through our original technology.

1. Response and fill customer’s sophisticated altitudes and expectation from society as a whole, by taking ideas from forthcoming period.

2. Propel ahead for internationalization and establish a new generation business foundation.

3. Pursue the principle for total employee happiness through each individual growth and welfare.

Conduct Guide

We strive to maintain 3 attitudes and 3 behaviors in order to accomplish our Corporate Mission:

Conduct Guide

Origin of our company name

Our name, Bellsonica. Technology from our
innovative enterprise strikes a clear note and rings
throughout the industry.

“Bell” A bell sounds the time.It marks a winner.
We carry company tradition into the future by
including the element of our original company
name that means “bell” in Japanese.

“Resound” Our company's fundamental stance
and the needs of society strike a common note and
resound.“Resound”also reflects our commitment
to a flexible approach to business.

“Technical” We work in highly specialized fields
of engineering and technology. Our name itself
reflects our field of work, and our special talent.